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The Map of Hyrule Etched Beautifully on Wood

And yes, you could use it in your playthrough of Ocarina of Time.

Not only does this map by Alex Griendling’s map have iconic Hyrule destinations like Zora’s Fountain and Death Mountain, it also contains the locations of Heart Containers, weapons, and other hidden treasures. 

You can nab your own beautiful wooden Hyrule map for $195. Supplies aren’t likely to last. Buy one here. [❤]

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I saw you as I was escaping from the castle with my attendant, Impa.

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Hyrule Warriors | Queen Zelda

Hyrule Warriors | Queen Zelda

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If you like zelda you automatically get 1848% more attractive

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Lights by Turtle-Arts


Lights by Turtle-Arts

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